Polished Concrete

Super Polish

Polished concrete is a stylish alternative to tiles or vinyl. It meets energy guidelines and adds a contemporary edge to any space.
It can also assist in reducing lighting and energy costs due to the light reflective surface (gloss finishes) and is eco-friendly with low VOC emissions. The extreme durability and stain resistance is the standout advantage over any surface coated product.

Available in Low Sheen (200 Grit), Satin (400 Grit), Gloss (800 Grit), High Gloss (1500 Grit) and Super Gloss (3000 Grit) finishes.


  • Low maintenance
  • Hard wearing and long lasing
  • Stain resistant
  • Smooth and seamless
  • Low allergen and low VOC
  • Suitable for all rooms in your home
  • Cost effective
  • Can outlast and outperform other flooring finishes such as tiles, vinyl, carpet and laminate