Pro Sanding offer an extensive range of options when it comes to polishing your concrete.
With more than 20 years’ experience throughout Victoria, our dedicated team is focused on customer satisfaction and being industry leaders for over 20 years.
Polished concrete is a stylish alternative to tiles or vinyl. It meets energy guidelines and adds a contemporary edge to any space.

Burnished finishes

Burnishing is the term applied to the finishing of concrete to provide a hard wearing, durable finish with a surface lustre. It has been used for many years in industrial buildings, car parks and warehouses, but is now increasingly also being used in residential and commercial buildings. The burnished surface can be polished or coated.

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper refers to the effect achieved when the concrete slab is ground lightly to expose only a small amount of the sand and aggregate. The concrete slab must be finished correctly to achieve the desired finish and is often susceptible to high spots (more aggregate will be exposed), Low spots (less aggregate will be exposed) & screed marks.

Medium to full aggregate

Medium to full aggregate is when the concrete slab is ground to expose the maximum amount of stone or “aggregate”. Medium to full aggregate allows for the most consistent finish as we are able to remove any height variations within the concrete however, if the concrete has not been finished correctly, bare patches can still remain.

Specialty aggregate mixtures

Discuss the options for specialty aggregate mixes your concrete and concrete supplier. There are many options available such as mixtures of different sized and colored aggregate, broken glass or
mirror, glow in the dark stones and more. We have even ground & polished concrete that has had keys and other metal objects pressed into the surface.

Super Polish

Super Polished concrete is available in varying gloss levels from high gloss down to a low sheen finish. It can also assist in reducing lighting and energy costs due to the light reflective surface (gloss finishes) and is eco-friendly with low VOC emissions. The extreme durability and stain resistance is the standout advantage over any surface coated product.

Coated finishes

There are a range of coating options available to suit your needs. Coatings are budget friendly alternative to polishing but require maintenance at regular intervals depending on several factors such as dirt/sand/grit, pets  & high traffic areas. Areas such as doorways, hallways & living areas will wear faster than less frequently used areas of your home.

Exterior areas

Did you know that you can have polished or coated concrete in your exterior areas?
Polishing can be completed to a low grit / matte finish. Coatings are available in a matte or gloss finish, clear or colored and are the perfect option for use on all your exterior concrete areas. Exterior coatings are UV stable, and a non-slip granule can be added to the second coat.