Timber Species

QLD Spotted Gum

Corymbia Maculata / Corymbia Citriodora

Spotted Gum is a very popular timber that grows along the east coast of Australia, from northeast Victoria to the northern tablelands of Queensland, with some occurrence in western areas of southern Queensland. The word “ Spotted” refers to the soft mottled colour caused by weathering of the outer tree as it shreds elliptical strips of bark. Its wavy grain produces an attractive fiddle back effect. The natural colour variation is one of its most appealing attributes. QLD Spotted Gum is richer in colour varying from rich reds, browns and creams whilst NSW Spotted Gum is more a more neutral colour varying from pale greys, browns and creams.

Janka Rating: 11.0

Different species of timber have different hardness ratings called Janka Ratings. The higher the number, the harder the timber. This is an important thing to consider when choosing your timber flooring.