Lay / Repair.

The introduction of the five star home energy rating system brings with it some dramatics changes to the traditional process of laying and sanding timber floors.

The days of stumps, bearers and joists are fast fading, replaced by concrete slabs with timber laid over battens, direct stick or over ply.

These are installation methods some builders prefer to leave alone. With qualified and highly experienced floor installers consistency is achieved by our dedicated team producing the same high quality standards continually that our customers have come to expect, and that provide peace of mind and the satisfaction of a job well done.

At Pro Sanding, every job is rigorously tested and recorded to ensure that the floor is laid according to the appropriate guidelines and that all relevant factors are considered as part of a commitment to obtaining the best finish. Slab moisture is a key element, but the use of Aquron 2000 helps alleviate any concerns.

Direct Stick
The key to achieving a great result starts with surface preparation and a reliable moisture barrier to ensure a high quality installation every time. Experience counts when choosing the correct coating, in each situation. We will consider all factors and recommend the appropriate coating.

Batten Laying
This is a traditional method. The process involves a recessed slab, installation of kiln dried hardwood as battens, then laying the selected floor boards to suit the customer’s requirements. The width of the flooring product determines whether boards are secret nailed or face nailed. This method is great when concrete is not level or has split levels.

Ply Overlay
The ply is pinned to the concrete slab over a heavy duty plastic membrane. The timber flooring is fixed to the ply by fully trowelling with glue and secret nailing. The ply overlay method can also help compensate for any imperfections in the existing concrete slab and it provides a low noise floor.

With the support of ATFA, Pro Sanding now offers an Australia wide support base to provide information on any system and product, as well as vast experience to assist the customer 100%.

Baton2       Direct Stick 3        Lay and Repair        Timber on Ply

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