Mechanical Polishing.

ProSanding offers our clients a highly superior option for Polished Concrete.
“Super Polish” is the process used to create a durable, hygienic, stain and abrasion resistant finish without the use of surface coatings. The surface is polished to your desired gloss level up to 8 times using special plastic resin diamond pads.

Mechanically Polished Concrete greatly reduces the costs of maintaining a sophisticated high gloss look over time. It can also assist in reducing lighting and energy costs due to the light reflective surface and is eco-friendly with low VOC emissions.

Available in the following finishes:

400 Grit – Satin Finish

800 Grit – Gloss Finish

1500 Grit – High Gloss Finish

3000 Grit – Super Gloss Finish

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